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Chicanismo derives it’s origins in the Chicano Movement which sought, among many things, to answer the existential questions: Where did we come from? How did we get here? Where are we going?

In a (eurocentric) lexicological context chicano derives from the mexica tribe (the nahuatl autonym which…


Asker Anonymous Asks:
Why do some people use the term xicana instead of chicana?
sordaradical sordaradical Said:


Because ‘x’ makes the ‘ch’ sound in spanish and thats how the word is commonly spelled in Mexico.


a rlly nice source!!! (para. 2)

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is bullshit advice.

My bigness is not determined by my capacity to quietly absorb bullying, degradation, or abuse.

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Hollywood has given gargantuan support to the idea of Whites invading non-white wombs, countries and continents under the guise of offering a better (white) life to children with melanin. Madonna, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, Jane Fonda, Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman and a hoard of other White VIP Racist Suspects have fleeced non-white cradles across the globe. Common White foot soldiers have also colonized growing numbers of non-white children. Whites invest mightily in circulating the myth that they have non-whites’ best interest at heart. If this were true, they would contribute to the fortification of black and non-white families, so that no non-white child needs the charity of fertility-challenged Whites.
Gus T. Renegade, host of online radio program, The Context of White Supremacy, in recent blog post entitled, Melissa Harris-Perry: Transracial Adoption = White Abduction of Non-White Children (via codelens)

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  • POC: *becomes lifelong friends with white classmates*
  • POC: *lends helping hand to white co-workers*
  • POC: *breaks bread with white family members*
  • POC: *reads/watches too many white writers/filmmakers/actors to name*
  • POC: *speaks out against white supremacy*
  • White person: O MY GOD YOU HATE WHITE PEOPLE!!!!
  • POC: ... ... ...
Adoptive parents have the right to choose between age, country, race, handicap, et cetera. The fact that certain countries remain strong favorites for adoptive parents speaks volumes of how racialized thinking continues to live on under anti-racist surface narratives.

Korea, Ethiopia, and Colombia are countries whose children fit Eurocentric standards of beauty more than others in the same regions; compare children from Korea to children from Malaysia, children from Ethiopia to children from Kenya, and children from Colombia to children from Bolivia. Furthermore, [Western] adoptive parents display a clear preference for girls and ‘racially pure’ children.
Tobias Hubinette, A Critique of International Adoption [translated from Swedish]
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The only reason we’re still having “n-word” discussions is because white people refuse to take no for an answer.

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Whoop. There it is.

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I want more queer friendship stories. Not just stories where the only two queer people find each other and fall in unhealthy codependent love in a sea of cishets. Give me whole communities of queer people. Give me queer best friends gushing to each other about their silly…

Finding people who practice decolonial love is as hard inside of a vast movement as it is outside.
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edit: this began as an article about the rapper kreayshawn, and turned into a much longer article on appropriation of black culture in mainstream white media. I’ve left it as I originally wrote it because kreayshawn is still a big part of this.

I wanted to write something about Kreayshawn a…


being neutral isn’t being neutral

if you have the privilege of being neutral and you do it and stay silent, it only benefits the oppressors

your neutrality is literally never going to help those who are being crushed by an oppressive system

so don’t feel like you’re a good person for “not picking a side” because that oppressive system loves your passivity

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Policing other women can only ever serve the oppression of women. Policing is an act of oppression, an effort in service to ideology over humanity, a moment of support for the patriarchy.

The radical feminism of TERFs on tumblr is built on policing other Women, structured around anti and negatives, and in fact and truth is a means of division in service to patriarchy.

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